Another exciting book signing in Marietta

October 30, 2009

Tags: Marietta Museum of History, Civil War, antique dolls, dolls

The Marietta Museum of History has invited me to come and participate in a "Meet the Authors" event on December 11, 5-7 p.m., held at the Museum.

The museum - located on the second floor of the historic Kennesaw House, a former cotton warehouse built in 1845 - has four galleries featuring (more…)

Book characters come to life

October 9, 2009

Tags: Gone With the Wind, Scarlett on the Square, dolls

The two main characters in The Secret of the Belles, Lanie Sullivan, who lives in Marietta, Ga., in 1939, and Belle Blakely, who lives in Lanie's childhood home over sixty years later, have been brought to life by doll maker Mary Ellen Lucas of Lexington, Ky. (more…)