The secret is almost out

September 13, 2018

Tags: book, Cincinnati, secret

My new book, Secret Cincinnati (Reedy Press), hits the bookshelves on Monday, Oct. 1. I won't even be in town, but I'll be looking in any bookstore I find along the East Coast while I'm traveling!

Secret Cincinnati includes 89 secrets. Here is a travel book that lauds those little (and little-known) treasures all over Greater (more…)

Thank you, Cammie, and rest in peace

September 3, 2010

Tags: Cammie King Conlon, Bonnie Blue Butler, Gone With the Wind

I might be the only person that Cammie King Conlon ever graced with a jacket endorsement (and I hope someone will please correct me if I'm wrong) - what a wonderful gift and remembrance.

I didn't know Cammie very well, but I admired her greatly. I saw her many times on the "big screen," but I had never met her in person.

As a writer, I had the opportunity to interview Cammie a number of times for different Gone With the Wind-related articles I was writing and she was always accessible, unfailingly kind and generous, sometimes wry and at all times an absolute pleasure to talk with.

As an author, I received a cherished gift from Cammie: She read my book, The Secret of the Belles, while still in manuscript format and offered to write a jacket endorsement for it. Imagine receiving an email from "Bonnie Blue Butler" herself, calling my book "a beautiful read, and another amazing tribute to the phenomenon that is Gone With the Wind." To say I was overcome, humbled, thrilled and appreciative truly is an understatement.

Cammie, what a treasure you were and what an enduring legacy you left.

Book signing at Belle Brezing's 150th Anniversary Bash

June 17, 2010

Tags: Gone With the Wind, Belle Brezing, Lexington, KY, Sally Tippett Rains

I had a great time in Cheapside Park in Lexington, Ky., recently for the Belle Brezing Birthday Ball. See the photos at TopsinLex and click on Belle Brezing photos. It was a fun time with (more…)

Belle Brezing’s 150th Birthday Celebrated June 15, 2001 with Cheapside Ball

May 26, 2010

Tags: Belle Brezing, Belle Watling, Margaret Mitchell, Gone With the Wind, Sally Tippett Rains, Lexington KY

A Lexington, Ky., event is honoring the madam upon whom Margaret Mitchell modeled “Belle Watling” – and I’ll be there for all the fun, signing copies of my book, The Secret of the Belles, with my friend Sally Tippett Rains, who has her own Gone With the Wind- and Belle Brezing-related book: (more…)

DATE CHANGE for Belle Brezing event in Lexington KY

May 13, 2010

Tags: Belle Brezing, Belle Watling, Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell, Lexington, KY

The date for the Belle Brezing event in Lexington, Kentucky, is now Tuesday, June 15, 2010. Here are details from the museum:

Belle's Birthday Ball
Kentucky’s most famous madam, Belle Brezing, is being feted at an informal party on Tuesday, June 15, that will include book signings with authors Kathryn Witt and (more…)

Belle Brezing event at the Lexington History Museum

April 10, 2010

Tags: Belle Brezing, Belle Watling, Gone With the Wind, Sally Tippett Rains, Lexington, History, Museum KY

The Lexington History Museum is hosting Belle's Birthday Ball, a fundraiser for the Lexington (KY) History Museum, on Thursday, June 17. Windies know that the divine Miss B. was the inspiration for the character, Belle Watling, in Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind.

This bash celebrating Belle's birthday features a taste of Cheapside, local restaurants and silent auction. I will be at the event to sign copies of my book, The Secret of the Belles, along with Sally Tippett Rains, author of The Making Of A Masterpiece, The True Story of Margaret Mitchell's Classic Novel, Gone With the Wind. (more…)

Ann Rutherford Approves of The Secret of the Belles

February 1, 2010

Tags: Ann Rutherford, Gone With the Wind, Marietta, middle grade fiction, young adult fiction

Yesterday I had the good fortune to talk with Ann Rutherford by phone. Ann told me that she really enjoyed reading The Secret of the Belles and said that she was very happy that I had written a book directed at teen readers.

"I want young people involved (more…)

Available Now: The 2010 Bylines Calendar for Aspiring and Working Writers

January 15, 2010

Tags: writers, authors, Gone With the Wind, The Secret of the Belles, 2010, calendar, writing tips, submission tracker, freelance writing

The new The Bylines 2010 Calendar is now available and I am among the 53 featured writers representing 26 states and 4 foreign countries.

Chock full of inspiration, humor and passion, this calendar is the perfect tool for aspiring and working writers to keep the creative juices flowing and (more…)

‘Gone with the Wind’ 70-year Anniversary Celebration at the Paramount

January 6, 2010

Tags: Gone With the Wind, Paramount Arts Center, Ashland KY, Titanic, Civil War, re-enactors, The Secret of the Belles

Gone with the Wind turns 70 and the Paramount Arts Center is celebrating by showing the film on the big screen, Sunday, January 10, at 4 p.m.

The Paramount’s film committee will enhance the showing of the film by offering a special treat to include (more…)

Connie Sutherland honored

December 17, 2009

Tags: Connie Sutherland, Marietta Gone With the Wind Museum-Scarlett on the Square, Gone With the Wind, Windies

Connie Sutherland, director of the Marietta Gone With the Wind Museum-Scarlett on the Square and organizer of Marietta's celebration of the exclusive 70th anniversary re-premiere of Gone With the Wind that garnered international publicity, was honored recently with an award.

On December 11, Marietta's City Manager Bill Bruton and Mayor Bill Dunaway awarded Connie (more…)