Belle Brezing’s 150th Birthday Celebrated June 15, 2001 with Cheapside Ball

May 26, 2010

Tags: Belle Brezing, Belle Watling, Margaret Mitchell, Gone With the Wind, Sally Tippett Rains, Lexington KY

A Lexington, Ky., event is honoring the madam upon whom Margaret Mitchell modeled “Belle Watling” – and I’ll be there for all the fun, signing copies of my book, The Secret of the Belles, with my friend Sally Tippett Rains, who has her own Gone With the Wind- and Belle Brezing-related book: (more…)

DATE CHANGE for Belle Brezing event in Lexington KY

May 13, 2010

Tags: Belle Brezing, Belle Watling, Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell, Lexington, KY

The date for the Belle Brezing event in Lexington, Kentucky, is now Tuesday, June 15, 2010. Here are details from the museum:

Belle's Birthday Ball
Kentucky’s most famous madam, Belle Brezing, is being feted at an informal party on Tuesday, June 15, that will include book signings with authors Kathryn Witt and (more…)