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Taking pictures in Marietta

On May 26, I visited the Marietta Gone With the Wind Museum-Scarlett on the Square (again!) for the purpose of taking lots of pictures. The wonderful Connie Sutherland kindly offered to pick me up at the Atlanta airport and helped me coordinate a photo session that involved several artifacts relating to Belle Watling/Ona Munson. What a thrill and honor to be able to touch a piece of history relating to Margaret Mitchell and Gone With the Wind. (And I got to wear curator gloves, too--also thrilling!)

While there, how nice to see a steady stream of visitors coming to the museum to appreciate this extraordinary collection. And from my perch three steps up on the ladder, snapping away one image after another, no less than six visitors shared comments about what the book, movie and collection meant to them. And several, in particular the women, commented on the tiny waistline of Vivien Leigh, as evidenced by the authentic Bengaline gown on display at the museum. All were impressed with the depth and breadth of the collection.
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