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"70 Years of Gone With the Wind: A Re-Premiere" at the Marietta Gone With the Museum: Scarlett on the Square

I have had the good fortune and honor to be among the invitees requested to appear at the Authors Forum on Friday, November 13, at the Marietta Gone With the Wind Museum: Scarlett on the Square in charming Marietta, Ga. The forum is part of the much anticipated event, "70 Years of Gone With the Wind: A Re-Premiere," that will be held Friday and Saturday, November 13 and 14, at the museum.

I will be in stellar company. Also appearing will be preeminent Gone With the Wind authority Herb Bridges, author of several books on the book and movie, including "Gone With the Wind: The Definitive Illustrated History of the Book, the Movie and the Legend," "Frankly, My Dear. . .Gone With the Wind Memorabilia" and "The Filming of Gone With the Wind" and the wonderful Cammie King Conlon, author of the recently published "Blue Butler: A Gone With the Wind Memoir."

Other authors appearing at this event include incomparable TCM host, Robert Osborne, author of "80 Years of the Oscar"; Mollie Haskell, who wrote "Frankly, My Dear: Gone With the Wind Revisited"; and Sally Rains, author of "The Making of a Classic: The True Story of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind."

Stay tuned for more details of this event!
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