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Another exciting book signing in Marietta

The Marietta Museum of History has invited me to come and participate in a "Meet the Authors" event on December 11, 5-7 p.m., held at the Museum.

The museum - located on the second floor of the historic Kennesaw House, a former cotton warehouse built in 1845 - has four galleries featuring collections from Local History, Home Life and the Military. Unique to the museum is a Civil War collection depicting the history of the Georgia Military Institute, the story of the only slave buried in the Marietta Confederate Cemetery and the distinction of involvement in the infamous Union plot to steal the Confederate Locomotive called The General.

As the author of two books about dolls, what I LOVE about this museum is its charming array of dolls that recalls the loveys from childhood. In its permanent collection, the museum has close to 2,000 pieces from the Jeannie Mauldin Collection, a portion of which is on display in the “Collection of Collections: Oodles of Oddities.” These include dolls from antique to modern and everything in between: baby dolls, fashion dolls, a set of the Dionne Quints, Chrissy dolls from the 1960s and more. A nice collection of life-size walker dolls are due to be rotated into the display, along with other pieces from the Mauldin collection, at some point. Let's hope soon!

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