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Ann Rutherford Approves of The Secret of the Belles

Yesterday I had the good fortune to talk with Ann Rutherford by phone. Ann told me that she really enjoyed reading The Secret of the Belles and said that she was very happy that I had written a book directed at teen readers.

"I want young people involved in Gone With the Wind," she exclaimed, "so that it has another 70 years!"

Ann told me that, during the "70 Years of Gone With the Wind: A Re-Premiere" event held in Marietta in November, she went on a fact finding mission and made a surprising discovery.

"When people asked me for my autograph, I asked them where they were from," she said. "They were from EVERYONE, including Poland."

It is true: People still love Gone With the Wind and they continue to discover its magic. I was glad to add a chapter to this wonderful, timeless story in writing my book - and I hope that Ann gets her wish for another 70 years of GWTW!
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