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Books sell out at Books By The Banks!

What a great time this year's Books By The Banks was! It was held on Saturday, Oct. 20, at the Duke Energy Convention Center (site of one of the secrets in Secret Cincinnati) and had about 150 authors in attendance.

We heard so many nice comments about Secret Cincinnati, the slideshow presentation John gave, and the bookmark created to accompany the book. It's designed so readers can check off each adventure as they go along.

About 2 p.m. we had sold out of our stash of books. With two more hours to go before the festival was over, we met a few more people, talked to some of the authors also in the "local interest" category and then checked out others books. It was a thoroughly fun and well-organized event. Thanks for having us, Books By the Banks!

Next up: Book signing with Big Boy at hte Frisch's Mainliner location. Can wait to get our photo taken with Big Boy!
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