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The secret is almost out

My new book, Secret Cincinnati (Reedy Press), hits the bookshelves on Monday, Oct. 1. I won't even be in town, but I'll be looking in any bookstore I find along the East Coast while I'm traveling!

Secret Cincinnati includes 89 secrets. Here is a travel book that lauds those little (and little-known) treasures all over Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. From a tower missing its church and a maze you can meditate your way through to a book relating to a real-life beheading and a memorial to the last passenger pigeon, Secret Cincinnati is a shout-out to all that makes this city the sometimes weird and always wonderful place it is.

I had such a great time writing this book. And the publisher was nice enough to make a bookmark to accompany the book so that you can check off each place you visit as you go along. Here's the front of the bookmark-
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